Intelligent Product Owner Wingman

Below are all the details of the Intelligent Product Owner Wingman Service.  Sign up and start boosting your Product Management and Product Owner capabilities.

  • This service is for Product Managers or Product Owners (PO) who are working in software product development or enhancement projects.
  • The objective is to help the PO get the best out of their project delivery team, primarily by ensuring that the team gets what they need, when they need it.
  • The PO can obtain project-specific advice, assistance and task support from a highly experienced project manager on project-specific activities, without significant overhead.
  • The PO Wingman will help you complete all the tasks that a Product Owner or Product manager needs to do for their project delivery team: no more situations where they are waiting for you
  • Give you deeper insight into the reasons behind the requests that are coming to you from the team, and/or call BS on tasks that are irrelevant, wrongly scoped or mis-timed
  • You have access to a highly experienced PM consultant who will ramp up to become aware of your project circumstances and can give rapid responses to ad-hoc questions.  
  • Your Product Owner Wingman has “got your back” as you manage your project, working as a close observer of events and providing guidance on your approach, strategy and tactics. 
  • You get a practically focused co-pilot who help you navigate the interactions with your delivery team.
  • Your Product Owner Wingman can help you:
    • cut through specific situations in your projects
    • make better decisions based on expert advice
    • be confident that your actions are supported by a PM with decades of experience
    • have greater personal confidence based on better knowledge and validation of strategies
    • develop a stronger sense of direction or test out your “moral compass” if you are in a different situation
  • Your Product Owner Wingman will perform just about any task that you request, within the constraints of the Acceptable Use Policy and Terms of Service. 
  • Consider the Product Owner Wingman as a trusted advisor, who can help you with the work that you need to do to support and enable your delivery team.
  • Your Product Owner Wingman can show you what to do in specified situations, demonstrate how to perform a particular task, or guide you in how you may want to approach a particular task, function or problem.
Why should I get a Product Owner Wingman?
  • you just don’t have time to do all the things that a Product Owner is expected to do
  • you want to grab one of your colleagues and say “how would you approach this situation” or “in my shoes would you do option A or Option B”, but don’t have someone to ask, your Product Owner Wingman is that person.
  • you are relatively new to the agile world and don’t have deep knowledge of the way in which a PO can determine the success or failure of a project.
  • You seem to be in conflict with the delivery team a lot: they keep telling you that you haven’t done this or that, or that you need to do something sooner than you want.
  • You are “going along” with some processes that the team is asking of you, but you don’t really believe in them.
  • You need some help to perform all the things that are being demanded of you
  • you feel like you are spinning your wheels and wish the team would just get on and deliver your product
  • You believe the team is ‘having a lend’ when they tell you how long it’s going to take to deliver your product


Still Not Sure?

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