Intelligent Project Automation Product Definition

Below are all the details of the Intelligent Project Automation Service.  Sign up and make early gains on project data quality and process efficiency. Your stakeholders will be amazed at what you can achieve very quickly.

Intelligent Project AutomationCollecting-data-at-events
  • A combination of human and software-mediated transformations of data and processes to and from systems used in your projects.
  • Using a combination of commercially available and custom software, automate the execution of transactions that make your project work, and that provide a rich information environment baseline for your projects.
  • Remove manual effort and overhead in repeated and regular transactions or operations that keep the project healthy
  • Incremental and isolated (atomic) automation paths that do not impact existing platforms (non-intrusive)
  • integrate diverse and incompatible solutions
  • Perform functions more quickly or at a faster interval than previously possible
  • Can be tasks that are background or that involve manual creation of data (e.g. forms)
  • Using a combination of commercially available and custom software, configure sequences of automated actions that capture, transform and save data
  • based on service requests, so these can be implemented incrementally and independently
  • practically unlimited set of automations for most medium sized projects (Refer Terms and Conditions of Use for actual limits)
  • no predefined set of source or destinations.  depends on software and/or services used.
  • ranging from fully automated imports of data from one system to another, through to fully human-mediated tasks such as schedule quality assessment, this domain has many implementaiton choices that depend on a number of factors
for example, is your operation behind very tight and (practically) un-modifiable security protections? 
if so then a very different approach is required when compared to, say, an organisation which allows public internet access generally, or via readily executed processes, such as configuring a proxy or adding whitelist IP’s in front-end network components.
Problem Drivers:
     Client PM’s should consider this service if:
  • You are managing a project that is larger than you are used to, and are facing new issues you’ve never had to deal with before.
  • You are ready to ditch the feeling of being “overwhelmed” all the time and you’re craving some focus.  You just want to get on top of the noise and be able to work on the important stuff, now!
  • You may be between projects and are thinking about the next one.  Maybe you are at a crossroad and you need someone you can trust to help you figure out “what’s next”.
  • You need a second set of eyes to look over what’s happening and suggest pro’s and con’s to your specific situations
  • Maybe you just need someone to spend some time doing things that you can’t: like investigating a particular tool or technique


How it works:

Setup Stage

  • we schedule an Onboarding Session at which we gain valuable information about your environment, problems and objectives
  • We set up an interactive collaboration channel via Slack or equivalent chat software for ad-hoc exchanges, Task Request clarifications, status updates and similar communications.
  • The Onboarding session is conducted via a standard collaboration tool such as Google hangouts, Skype or equivalent
  • We get an idea of your environment, KPI objectives and other contextual information that helps us understand the Task Requests
  • We agree on basic contact, communication and escalation processes and contact points
Operational Stage
  • As this is a Service Request type service, the operational model is very simple. 
  • The basic process::
    • You define an alert or event that you want to trap, and provide the appropriate information about data sources, frequency etc, put it all into a service request, and send it off to us
    • We assign this Task request to a consultant who begins work
    • When it is done we show you how it works.
  • See the Service Task Management page for more information

Product Definition:

This section defines the variable parameters referenced in the Terms of Use and Service
  1. Service Type
    • Service Request
  2. Concurrency Limit
    • 1
  3. Service Period
    • 48 hours, Monday to Friday.  Service Requests submitted on Friday will be completed by the following Monday
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