Intelligent Project Dashboards Product Definition

Below are all the details of the Intelligent Project Dashboards Service.  Sign up and start showing beautiful, impactful and meaningful project KPI’s..

Intelligent Project Dashboards:dashboard-narrowmargin
  • Impactfully inform your stakeholders and workspaces with visually rich information about current project status and events.
  • extract and report visually on agreed project metrics in a visually effective and aesthetically pleasing way.
  • Uses a combination of commercially available and custom software, 
  • Visually describe and inform users about current KPI’s, trends and other project data.  
  • Use on internal screens to inform your workspaces
  • Inform stakeholders locally and remotely through multiple distribution methods
  • Simplify the ability of your project to richly describe its current state and trends
  • Easily control the combination and priority of information to provide important signalling to project teams
  • Foster team use of informed workspaces, by showing useful and vivid data visualisations
  • This service is a Service Request type subscription product that enables you to make a practically unlimited number of requests over time
  • identify the KPI, the data source and the visualisation
  • Send us a Service Request
  • Our team will implement the visualisation and add it to an existing dashboard or create a new one.
  • Distribute as reports, PDF’s or links to online pages.
  • Dashboards are hosted by
Problem Drivers:
     Client PM’s should consider this service if:
  • you have a diverse range of stakeholders to provide with project information
  • you want to inform your team members on key metrics to “nudge” them towards desired behaviour
  • a KPI is not available from your standard product
  • you want to consolidate multiple KPI visualisations onto a single chart
How it works:

Setup Stage

  • we schedule an Onboarding Session at which we gain valuable information about your environment, problems and objectives
  • We set up an interactive collaboration channel via Slack or equivalent chat software for ad-hoc exchanges, Task Request clarifications, status updates and similar communications.
  • The Onboarding session is conducted via a standard collaboration tool such as Google hangouts, Skype or equivalent
  • We get an idea of your environment, KPI objectives and other contextual information that helps us understand the Task Requests
  • We agree on basic contact, communication and escalation processes and contact points
Operational Stage
  • As this is a Service Request type service, the operational model is very simple. 
  • The basic process::
    • You define an alert or event that you want to trap, and provide the appropriate information about data sources, frequency etc, put it all into a service request, and send it off to us
    • We assign this Task request to a consultant who begins work
    • When it is done we show you how it works.
  • See the Service Task Management page for more information

Product Definition:

This section defines the variable parameters referenced in the Terms of Use and Service
  1. Service Type
    • Service Request
  2. Concurrency Limit
    • 1
  3. Service Period
    • 24 hours, Monday to Friday.  Service Requests submitted on Friday will be completed by the following Monday
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