Intelligent Project Management MasterClass

Below are all the details of the Intelligent Project Management MasterClass Service.  Sign up and start boosting your Project Management presence! Make people take notice and give you the respect and assignments you deserve.


The Intelligent Project Management Masterclass (IPMM):

  • will help Project Managers achieve an uplift and rebalancing of their skills, which will increase their job effectiveness and satisfaction
  • is delivered as an open-ended and ongoing series of webinar-delivered workshops
  • is presented by Adam Russell and is based on his 40 years of work experience in the software industry, of which nearly 30 have been involved in delivery of project outcomes.
  • is suitable for all levels of Project Manager, but you will probably only get the best out of it if you have actually hands-on managed at least one, and preferably 2+ projects end-to-end.
  • contains unique content not available anywhere else; not in any other courses, books or online.


     By engaging with this service, the attendee will:
  • materially and sustainably elevate existing PM skills
  • help advance to the very top of the Project Management profession
  • assist PMs in effectively manage their projects
  • emphasise the softer skills which make the difference between a successful project and one which is just passable at best, such as dedication to succeed in that particular project, EQ, resilience, foresight (being able to see around corners), ability to active listening and accurately process the information, strong stakeholder and customer engagement alongside collaboration.


  • Provided to a named individual for the period of the subscription. This service is not related to any specific project, job role, company or location. 
  • The workshop takes a different perspective to traditional Project Management learning: we don’t teach PMBOK or PRINCE2, we don’t teach Scrum.  What we do is get inside the activities, drivers and needs of achieving a project-based outcome, and look at it from a completely different perspective, starting with what is the minimum that we need to do to deliver those outcomes. We drive our project management approach based on
  • We don’t step away from the basic principles, in fact we reinforce them.  But we select the tools that are applicable to this task.
  • Material is drawn from many different domains. of course project management and software product development are two core domains, but I definitely will not be instructing on any particular methodology.
  • IPMMC will go beyond methodology, tool and technique and into the deep roots of how groups of people get things done effectively, and how a person can orchestrate that work. I will look at specific techniques only as an adjunct to understanding the principles.
  • The Masterclass content also draws from the subject domains of leadership, business & management, psychology and the field of human thinking, teamwork, complex adaptive systems. Industrially, you will see relevant and compelling material from the fields of sales, marketing, communications, customer support and satisfaction, medicine, aeronautics, architecture, art, warfare (of course) and life experience.
Problem Drivers:
     PM’s should consider this service if:
  • you feel that your approach to project management is becoming less about the formal PM processes, and more about “hustling” to get people to do their jobs.
  • you feel that the tools and techniques are having less leverage; less impact or control over the project activities and teams you within your scope?
  • you see that your role of PM in your department or organisation is being undermined, avoided or sidetracked as “out-dated”  – perhaps it has been renamed or removed completely?
  • you finding project management isn’t fun anymore? that there are too many issues that are just not tractable using the tools and techniques you’ve been using for ages?
  • you working in an “impaired” project environment? (see definition below) and want to know how to navigate this very difficult context and achieve results?
  • you just worn out at the end of the week and don’t feel you’ve actually achieved anything?
  • you seem to be slipping your schedule every week? never achieving the things that you and your team established and cycling them over to the next period (sprint) over and over?
  • you have some existing Project Management “scar tissue” and want to avoid getting more?
Defined Activities
  • the workshops include:
    • workshop attendance
    • access to the private FB group: Project Management Mastery
    • access to a private content library that contains access to the webinar recordings, additional material, templates and other material that will be added over time.
How it works:
  • Adam presents a series of ongoing weekly workshops that tackle the big issues of project management and provide practical and effective approaches to these dilemmas
  • the workshops will be presented once live, and will be available online to be replayed at anytime
  • the workshop agenda is typically:
    • presentation material
    • discussion
    • open question and answer session (AMA)
    • approx 40 minutes and 20 minutes duration respectively
    • potentially other activities could be added post-launch.
Product Definition:
This section defines the variable parameters referenced in the Terms of Use and Service.
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    • Defined Activities:
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