Intelligent Project Manager MasterClass

Learn the advanced, practical secrets of project management success

Weekly Webinar ++

The MasterClass is delivered as a weekly webinar on a specific topic according to the MasterClass Calendar, and each class will be recorded so that Members can catch up or re-run.  MasterClass Members will receive access to a private group where subjects can be explored in more detail.  Other online resources will be made available as the MasterClass progresses.

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For early adopters who want to be in the first wave of attendees, we are offering a 25% Discount on Workshop Subscription Fees for signups until midnight on 9th June, 2016 (Zulu). That’s a 25% discount forever!

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Practical, Not Procedural

The workshop is big on practical and actionable information that makes a material difference to your project management power.  It’s not big on methodology or overblown processes.

Simple but Precise

We don’t embellish the needful with names and formulas.  Our principle is to find the simplest and least effort approach for achieving a goal.  It will teach you to solve problems “in the moment” by using ways in which people naturally think and work well together. We provide only the needful, targetted precisely at where it will make a difference.

Fills in the Missing Pieces

If you feel like your current approach isn’t achieving what you need, it’s because you’re missing some of the pieces needed to make things work.  Stop doing what doesn’t work and find out how to 10X your results.  Do the things that make a difference.

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