Intelligent Project Monitoring & Alerts Product Definition

Below are all the details of the Intelligent Project Monitoring & Alerts Service.  Sign up and never miss an important project event again! This will help you stay on top of your project..

Intelligent Project Monitoring & Alertsfinding and meeting people cropped wide
  • Receive timely notifications of critical business or project events that otherwise may be missed or not be found until its too late.
  • Call this a business and technical alarm monitoring system for your project.
  • Unless you have dedicated personnel to spend much or all of their time monitoring data sets in your project these can often get missed.


  • Don’t get caught not knowing what’s happening in your project at a detail level before it occurs
  • Reduce or avoid stakeholder surprises when you have to report avoidable delays and other issues
  • Be aware of critical events or trends in your project data
  • Make informed decisions
  • Take informed action ahead of the event.
  • Catch hidden problems or trends
  • Understand what’s happening in your project at a detail level before it occurs
  • Keep monitoring in the background 
  • Create a sophisticated monitoring and notification system for your project that ensures you never miss anything of importance.
  • Capture diverse event data from the systems that you use in project management
  • Save this data in a simple but common format, if required, to mine event data for trends
  • Trigger notifications to yourself or others
  • Find event data that otherwise may not be found without dedicated personnel to spend much or all of their time monitoring data sets in your project
  • The alert may be just one signal in a noisy environment.  but it’s better to know than not to know.
  • The alert configurations are fully hosted by tilgent or a tiligent account with a partner organisation.
  • Event Examples:
    • date assigned and no person assigned
    • tasks  are assigned to someone who is on leave or has left the project or company
    • date assigned as current date is close
    • current date is close but no activity
    • completion date is changed to later date
    • sprint is changed but date isn’t changed
    • change in number of user stories over time
    • repeat delaying of tasks (slip chart)
    • no activity of tasks in certain time period
    • sprint identified in task but its in th epast
    • sprint is current but no-one assigned
    • sprint is current but no activity
    • sprint is current but no-one assigned
    • sprint is current but completion date not assigned
Problem Drivers:
     Client PM’s should consider this service if:
  • You constantly having to deal with issues that should not have occurred, and/or that should have been trapped before they happened
  • you’ve had to go and explain a negative situation to a sponsor and couldn’t answer the question “how did we not know about this?”
  • You have the same type of exception occurring repeatedly
  • You are being impacted by a platform that regularly has outages, but there are no alarms available.
How it works:

Setup Stage

  • we schedule an Onboarding Session at which we gain valuable information about your environment, problems and objectives
  • We set up an interactive collaboration channel via Slack or equivalent chat software for ad-hoc exchanges, Task Request clarifications, status updates and similar communications.
  • The Onboarding session is conducted via a standard collaboration tool such as Google hangouts, Skype or equivalent
  • We get an idea of your environment, KPI objectives and other contextual information that helps us understand the Task Requests
  • We agree on basic contact, communication and escalation processes and contact points
Operational Stage
  • As this is a Service Request type service, the operational model is very simple. 
  • The basic process::
    • You define an alert or event that you want to trap, and provide the appropriate information about data sources, frequency etc, put it all into a service request, and send it off to us
    • We assign this Task request to a consultant who begins work
    • When it is done we show you how it works.
  • See the Service Task Management page for more information

Product Definition: 

This section defines the variable parameters referenced in the Terms of Use and Service 
  1. Service Type
    • Service Request
  2. Concurrency Limit
    • 1
  3. Service Period
    • 72 hours, Monday to Friday.  Service Requests submitted on Friday will be completed by the following Monday
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