Frequently Asked Questions About Services

Are There Any Contracts?Not as such.  When you sign up for one or more of our services, you are agreeing to pay a monthly fee in exchange for the service that is described in the Product Definition.You can cancel at any time.  Please refer to our Customer Satisfaction...

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Cancellation and Refund Policy

We understand that there can be some trepidation or doubt about signing up for a new service, particularly from a small boutique consultancy.  That's why we designed our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee and our Refund Policy, and built it into our Terms and Conditions...

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Where to Find Documentation

This post describes where you can find documents and other online resources to help you Product Librariesthese areas within the website are enabled only when you sign up to a service.General DocumentationOther

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How to get help?

This post lists the various ways that you can interact with to get answers to your questionsContact Us FormService Task Request CentreEmailTwitterFacebook

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Genesis of

The genesis of tiligent came when I was doing some work on the set up of a lean product development capability at a Sydney-based Telco.I did a fairly large amount of research into how we could make use of technical resources on short notice and for irregular periods...

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