Intelligent Project Services Summary

The main services are summarised below, and provide links to the full product definition page.  Please Contact Us for additional information.

Intelligent Project Management MasterClass

Instead of learning processes by rote, or struggling along in a sea of project chaos, you can benefit from my 30 years of hands-on project management experience, I will outline the set of principles and simple techniques that I have used over many years to deliver projects effectively.

You can achieve a big uplift of your practical PM skills by learning what not to do and what to ignore, as much as perspectives and techniques to take to your projects.
What would project management look like if it was easy?  Find out by being a part of this great experience.

Project Managers achieve a significant uplift and rebalancing of their skills, which in turn will increase their project delivery impact and effectiveness

Intelligent Project Mentoring

Increase PM effectiveness & job satisfaction through regular sessions with a seasoned and highly-skilled PM Consultant (your Mentor).  Understand your current work situation and future directions from your Mentor. Receive personalised advice and coaching from your Mentor on any aspect of your project management professional context.

Have regular sessions via interactive via web channels with a seasoned and highly-skilled PM Consultant (your Mentor), who acts as a pro-active sounding board on professional matters, with little or no topic off limits.  Your Mentor facilitates guided self-reflection together with progressive, self-directed knowledge and skill building.

Intelligent PM Wingman

Your PM Wingman has “got your back” as you manage your project. Your PM Wingman is a a highly experienced project manager who can provide you with project-specific advice, assistance and PM task support activities.  Your PM Wingman works as a close observer of events and provides guidance on your approach, strategy and tactics.  This is like having a co-PM who can answer questions as you go and help you make the right choices to create a successful project. Your PM Wingman will ramp up on your project circumstances and can give rapid responses to ad-hoc questions based on his or her seasoned experience..

Your PM Wingman is available via high-performance chat channel, such as Slack, and video/audio hangouts as requested.

Intelligent Product Owner Wingman

You know how, as a digital Product Owner or Product Manager, you often seem to be at odds with the delivery team: they are focused on processes that maybe you think are unnecessary, and they keep asking for things that you think are not required or mis-timed. Maybe you are “going along” with some processes that the team is asking of you, but you don’t really believe in them; you just want to keep them happy.
Maybe you could use a virtual “Product Owner Wingman” – a highly-experienced project consultant who an help you navigate through the noise and, frankly, BS that can surround and impair even simple projects. The Product Owner Wingman will give you project-specific advice and guidance on the things that really need doing to get a project delivered, and on things you can avoid. S/he can also help you with the tasks that a Product Owner or Product manager needs to do for their project delivery team: no more situations where they are waiting for you.

Intelligent Project Status Updates & Reporting

Activate to perform defined project status updates, including the capture, consolidation and reporting functions on an agreed cyclical basis. provides you with a defined set of deliverables each period, together with information on reporting compliance.  The deliverables include standard PM tables like issue and risks status and an updated schedule all based on inputs from your project team.

You also benefit from enhanced analyses and reporting, such as a project progress dashboard and longitudinal schedule performance, such as slips and gains.

This means you can both increase the reliability and value of regular status update and reporting functions, and free up internal resources that are performing repetitive, transaction-oriented or periodic tasks that weigh down your team’s calendar or distract them from the real work at hand.


Intelligent Project Operations Support

Free up internal resources who may be performing any type of project activity, such as status updates, data conversions, data collection, analysis, calculation, information distribution or reporting tasks that typically occur in a project but weigh down your team’s calendar or distract them from the real work at hand.

Outsource your project’s one-off or regular tasks to an expert team, who focuses on developing the efficiency and automation of such processes.  These tasks could even be regular updates of specialised data, such as maintaining a resource plan and forecast, or it could even be repetitive, transaction-oriented or periodic tasks.

Even something a standard as distributing a document and obtaining and consolidating feedback can be a difficult job when done on a deadline, and when it requires multiple follow-ups, updates to reviewers and so forth.


Intelligent Project Automation

Automate repetitive tasks or data transformations that your project needs, but are either manually done, done by some semi-manual kludge, nor not done at all due to the impact on your project team.  Efficient project information management is vital to project success, and yet many projects miss out because they can’t afford, or don’t know how, to implement a task or process easily. will automate the execution of processes, transformations or functions within your project, and make the data available for you.   With both human and software-mediated automations, Tiligent protects you from the detail and just delivers you the outcomes. “Automation” may range from fully automated imports of data from one system to another, through to ad-hoc setup of forms and data capture from stakeholders, through to fully human-mediated tasks such as schedule quality assessment.

Tiligent uses a combination of commercially available and custom software, such as Zapier, IFTTT and Klipfolio to capture, transform and save data.  Where needed, Tiligent can implement custom transformations by arrangement.

For a practically unlimited set of automations for most sized projects, and with no predefined set of source or destinations (depends on software and/or services used), Tligent can substantially enhance your project.

Intelligent Project Alerts

Receive timely notifications of critical business or project events that otherwise may be missed, or not be identified, until its too late. Call this a business and technical alarm monitoring system for your project.  Unless you have dedicated personnel to spend much or all of their time monitoring data sets in your project these can often get missed.

Such an event might be an outage on a critical external service that is not otherwise monitored, a task is approaching its “drop dead” date and is not yet complete, or a commitment in a Service Level Agreement or KPI that is approaching an exception point.

Tiligent uses the same technology that underpins other services, but tunes the service configuration to monitor for critical events that may be approaching or may be occurring right now in the project. Whilst some existing systems monitor such events, they are usually technically oriented, and do not focus on business or project-level events.  The monitoring and triggering platforms are often diverse, siloed and difficult to integrate.

Intelligent Project Dashboards

Impactfully inform your stakeholders and workspaces with visually rich information about current project status and events. Inform via multiple distribution methods, including internal screens to inform your workspaces, or remotely via email or web channels.

Using a combination of commercially available and custom software, extract and report visually on agreed project metrics in a visually effective and aesthetically pleasing way, covering current KPI’s, trends and other project data.  

Easily control the combination and priority of information to provide important signalling to project teams.